How I can help?

How I can help?

The beginning of a dream.

Everyone can help our children; individuals, businesses and organizations such as schools or clubs.
You can help with a single contribution, with regular donations, buying our products, 鈥楽uppor a child' or participating as a volunteer in Fundaci贸n Caminos.

As a person, business, school or club, can increase children's social responsibility, employees or members. Fundaci贸n Caminos can be present at events of different kinds such as: sports events, charity, anniversaries or weddings. We will be happy to give a presentation about working with children in Medell铆n, Colombia, and we can make suggestions for different activities that can be organized.

Each contribution, big or small, it is very important for working with children. If you want your donation to go to a particular project, it is also possible. Contact us, we would like to help you with the possibilities you have.

Donate now

馃嚚馃嚧 Bancolombia
Savings account: 07257845286
CAMINOS Foundation

馃嚦馃嚤 The Netherlands
WERE GOING: NL54 ABNA 0864 3546 57
In the name of: Street children Medellin

馃寧 International

Support a child

Trough the foundation you can support a specific child (and their family). If you want to help this can be one of your options. You can witness the development of the child and learn about their daily life.

You receive the personal history of the child's family, and receive two letters a year from the child with the development of the child. The child and his family receive help each 2 months according to the need of the moment, and most of the time it is the food package that they ask for. It is of great support for the child and the family.

Sponsor a team

Every year the teams play in competitions such as the Antioque帽a Football League. Each team needs to have a uniform. You can sponsor a team, your company name will appear on our uniforms. Children play 3 or 4 times a week and we post quite a few photos of our teams on social media (National and international).

More ways to support us

Do you have clothes, shoes, toys, furniture or appliances in good condition that you want to donate? Everything is welcome at the foundation.

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