English classes

The beginning of a dream.

In English classes the goal is not to learn grammar itself. You learn English by speaking with grammar for support. There are several groups with a maximum of 10 children per group to stimulate speech. Conversations are about current topics that are of interest to children.

Activities Twice a week the children meet at the foundation to receive the classes 1,5 per week. In addition to classes, it is important to be able to practice at home. There are English books available to read and also exercise books to do at home.

Read and write classes

Improving the life of the community.

In literacy classes the goal is to learn and / or improve reading and writing while playing. There are several groups with a maximum of 12 children per group to better guide them.

Activities With younger children, weekly activities are organized to promote reading and improve literary learning. It is also read aloud and the read book is discussed with the children.

Computer classes


The world is increasingly digital, but nevertheless, many of the children and youth in the sector do not know much about computers and systems. Through classes and basic systems courses, we offer beneficiaries this knowledge, in order that they can develop new very useful skills in life.

Activities We offer different courses divided into levels. We also have computers available so that children and youth can use them to do homework and other educational activities..

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